Home Solar Power – Why Make The Switch

When you hear your air conditioner trigger, you won’t start seeing mounting electric bills in your head, you’ll simply smile and enjoy the cool free breeze because you’ve installed solar power in your home. You’ll be the most popular family in the neighborhood when storms knock out the electric. Everyone will stop by to see you because you’ll be the only one with utilities.

Many people use home solar power away from their home. While that sounds a bit confusing, consider the people that love to go for trips in their RV. There’s not always a place to plug into electric and using solar power can mean they never give up the conveniences if they want to go to a remote spot.

Tax time can be less stressful if you install solar panels. If you’ve always had to give the government a little extra every April 15th, things may be a bit different when you do your taxes after you install solar power in your home. There’s a tax credit for installing solar panels and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2009 gives you a higher one than ever before. Before the bill, there was a cap of $2000 of credit. Now there’s no cap and you get 30 percent credit for each dollar you spent.

The tax credit started in the 2009 bill has an 8-year extension. It bases the credit on when you placed the panels in service. People that pay Alternative Minimum Tax (ATM) now can also get the credit for solar energy. Credits are different from deductions. With a deduction, the amount of benefit you have depends on your tax bracket. With a credit, it’s like Uncle Sam giving you cash toward your bottom line. If you spent $1000, you get $300 toward the tax you owe.

It seems everyone is willing to give you money when you install solar panels. First, it’s Uncle Sam and next it’s the utility company. That’s right, they’ll write you a check if you produce more electric than you use. That’s because they buy the overage back and pay you for the benefit they receive. Therefore, when you’re meter spins in the opposite direction that means cash in your pocket from your local electric company.

You’ll also be helping the environment when you use solar energy rather than fossil fuel. Fossil fuel, such as oil or coal, creates smoke and puts toxins into the air. Solar energy is cleans and you’ll never see a single wisp of smoke go into the sky when you use it. If everyone switched to this green form of energy, the question of pollution and global warming might not be as pressing. One thing for sure, you would have cleaner air.

You’ll help the earth from the depletion of natural resources, too. Solar energy is renewable. As long as the sun shines in the sky you’ll have an unlimited amount of energy that would just go unused. Unlike coal and oil that eventually deplete, there’s no limit to the solar energy.

You’re probably excited right now, that is until you think of the cost of converting your entire home. The good news is that most people don’t go solar that way, unless they have a bundle of money. Normally people convert their home to solar over an extended period. Once they install the first panels, they use the savings to purchase the next one. By doing this, it doesn’t stretch the budget and it doesn’t take long to have the whole house solar and utility company free.