Home Solar Electric Project – Tips and Methods to a Successful Project

Home Solar Installation Report
CT was widowed several years ago and lives in a home that has been very well maintained. The home has had many upgrades in weather sealing and insulation levels. This is one of those grandma households where you have a hard time getting out of the house unless you have eaten something. An electric golf cart sits by the back door so CT can travel down across the field, across the creek, and up the hill to her sons place.

I have received two bids on installing solar electric at this country home build in the 1940′s. The best proposal is for a 2000kW ground mount array. The open field next to the house provides plenty of room to set the system. A trench will be dug to bring the wires to the inverter which will be mounted at the house. The distance between the array and the house is about 85 feet.

The total cost of the project is $12,800. The power provider ( electric company ) has an incentive payment available for $3,500. Estimated State tax credit will be about $3,255 and the Federal tax credit about $2,790. Total out of pocket cost is $9,300. With tax credits calculated in to the project, net cost will be about $3,255.

The contractor is suggesting that the property value may increase by $4,270. The average monthly utility savings is calculated to be about $17.80. The 25 year utility savings then is $5,340. Payback for the net cost is 15.23 years. Reminder: payback cost does not include future increases in electrical rates and/or important reduction in carbon production.

I will report on the type of panels and the inverter brand in a future article. Right now, I need to get the contract drawn up and over to the contractor for signing.

Stay tuned to learn more about this solar project…it may even power a few lights.

Don Ames